2018 Spring Membership Promotion

Click here to view our full 2018 Spring Promotion packet.

Current Member incentive:

Any current golfing member who sponsors a new golfing member will receive a 
$250 Credit on their account.

New Golf Member incentive:

A new Short Hills golfing member will receive:
  • Unlimited Golf
  • Full Pool Access
  • Dinning Privileges
  • Private Banquet/Meeting Space
  • Monthly Social Events
  • No Dues from now until July 1, 2018
  • No Initiation Fee
    • (Currently Valued at $1,500)
  • Discounted amenities package which includes:
    • Driving Range
    • Handicap Services 
    • Club Storage
    • Personal Locker all for $250
      • (Currently Valued at $485)

New Golf Member Fees:

Social Member Incentives:

Holders of this membership are entitled to all privileges of the club except golf and those privileges reserved exclusively for certificate membership. Social membership includes 5 rounds of golf in-season (Family Guest Rate) plus unlimited rounds of golf in October & November (Family Guest Rate). Social Members can attend all social events and are allowed to play in Couples Two-Ball Events.

Social Member Fees:

Clubhouse Member Incentives:

This class of membership is unlimited in number. Holders of this membership are entitled to all the privileges of the club except golf, tennis, swimming, and those privileges reserved exclusively for certificate membership.

Clubhouse Member Fees:

Click Here to download membership application.

Membership is a full one (1) year commitment and runs now thru June 30, 2019. Food and Beverage minimum of $80.00/month applies to all membership classifications. Minimums will begin the month following application approval by the SHCC Board of Directors. This membership offer is for new members only. Former members may return on a different scale.

For more information please fill out the form below or contact SHCC Membership Director, Bob Feller, bfeller@shorthillscc.com (309) 230-2024.